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Native American Professional Parent Resources and the Community: Partners for People


What can NAPPR do for my community?

NAPPR’s vision is:  “Healthy Families * Strong Communities”.  Providing services that support families with young children helps to assure that the children grow into productive members of the community.  Quality early childhood experiences have been demonstrated to increase high school graduation rates, decrease crime and teen pregnancy and decrease costs associated later in life for special education.  Everyone in the community benefits when we take care of our children.


What can you do to help?

NAPPR is in need of financial assistance to support the existing programs/projects along with reaching our vision.  A donation of any amount will help us to provide quality services to young children and their families in many ways.  Following are just some of the possibilities:



$100 will buy:                                                         10 bus passes to help parents with small children and no transportation to attend needed medical appointments


$75 will buy:                                                           1 session of specialized therapy for an infant or toddler with a developmental delay


$ 50 will buy:                                                          1 Round trip mileage reimbursement to Santo Domingo (Keres) Pueblo for a staff member to provide home based services for up to four families in a day


$ 25 will buy:                                                          10 Pediatric Plaksmaker Hygiene Kits (includes tooth paste, toothbrush, floss, disclosure tablets, timer and travel bag) to improve oral health for children


$  10 will buy:                                                         Three books for parents to read to their young children and increase their literacy and reading skills starting with birth



NAPPR is a 501(c)3 organization and all gifts are tax-deductible.


Donations can be made via pay pal or credit card. If you would like to send a donation via check, you can mail your check to:

2201 San Pedro Dr. NE
Building #3 Suite 210
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110

Or may be submitted online:



Stay Informed

Enter your email address above to join our e-news list to be created soon.